Are you thinking strategically about sustainability programs on your dairy?

For dairy farmers, sustainability initiatives like carbon markets present an opportunity to get rewarded for contributions to global climate solutions, enhance farming practices and mitigate climate change. If you’re considering sustainability programs for your dairy however, it can be a challenge to know where or how to start. Questions may arise, such as which programs you qualify for, the necessary prerequisites for getting started, and how to pursue your unique sustainability ideas on the farm.

Finding the best sustainability program fit for your farm

Patrick Wood, Founder and General Manager at Ag Methane Advisors, a consulting firm specializing in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting, recently shared his approach with farmers considering an on-farm sustainability project. Watch the AgSource webinar below to hear Patrick discuss:

  • The questions to consider when exploring carbon markets 
  • Voluntary market vs. compliance market 
  • How to find trusted advisors to help evaluate sustainability programs  
  • Supply chain and pricing trends 

Identifying which tests the programs require

Once you’ve identified the sustainability programs that align with your farm’s goals, the next step is to investigate the testing requirements. These requirements may vary depending on the specific program, region or state.

AgSource, from six laboratory locations across the Midwest, is uniquely situated to help determine which tests and packages will meet your needs, offering a variety of testing options and services, including soil health and carbon testing, manure and compost analysis, agronomic assessments, DHI testing and much more.

Key considerations when choosing a laboratory partner

Just like you rely on your other on-farm consultants for their expertise, you need a laboratory partner who is qualified, accurate and can support you throughout the testing process. Here are three things to keep in mind when choosing a laboratory partner:

Methodology: Confirm that the laboratory employs the appropriate methodology for the tests you need, ensuring alignment with the requirements of various sustainability programs.

Certifications: Inquire about the lab’s certifications to ensure that their equipment consistently delivers precise and reliable results. You can find information about each of the AgSource laboratory’s certifications here. Just click on the location that serves you.

Support: A reliable laboratory partner should offer comprehensive support throughout the testing process. Consider your specific support needs and confirm that the lab has a team of experts with the knowledge and resources to provide the best possible assistance.

Have questions about how AgSource’s suite of testing and services can contribute to your sustainability efforts
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