Manure Testing

Optimize crop production with the true nutrient value of manure

Manure is a valuable resource, providing nutrients for crop production and improving the health and quality of soil when applied correctly. Understanding the true nutrient value in your manure is important since composition can vary depending on many different physical and environmental factors.

Whether you’re testing manure for compliance purposes or are looking to utilize it as a part of your fertility program, AgSource Laboratories’ easy-to-understand reports provide the information you need to manage your nutrients.

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Stay Compliant

Get the information you need for nutrient management planning

Uncover True Nutrient Value

Manure value varies by source – don’t rely on general “book” values

Certified Analysis

AgSource holds certifications from the MN department of Agriculture


AgSource Laboratories follows strict and rigorous testing standards

2023 Certified Manure Analysis Proficiency Program
2023 Certified Manure Testing Program

Manure Testing Companion Service

Nutrient Management Services

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