How healthy is your soil? Our soil health tests combine physical, biological and chemical assessments for a holistic approach to monitoring soil.

Combining the chemical and physical results from a traditional soil test with a biological assessment of microbial activity, AgSource Laboratories soil health assessment delivers a measurement of a soil’s health and quality.

When you understand your soil’s overall health, you can work to unlock the benefits associated with healthier soil.

Hear from our team on how a soil health assessment can ensure quality yields and pinpoint potential issues.

Increase Organic Matter

Increased microbial activity will help improve structure and nutrient cycling

Improve Soil Structure

Retain plant available water for longer periods of time

Build Sustainable Soil

Mitigate variability in water and nutrient supplies for productive crops and ensure a strong foundation for the next generation


AgSource Laboratories follows strict and rigorous testing standards

Soil Health Testing Companion Analysis

Plant Tissue Testing

Looking to fine-tune your fertilizer program throughout the growing season? We recommend using our summary plant tissue report which allows you to track and view past sample results of your crop

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