Soil Carbon Testing

Quantifying your soil’s carbon content starts here.

Soil has the capacity to hold more carbon than the atmosphere and vegetation combined. But how do you measure your soil’s carbon content?

AgSource offers a full suite of analyses to quantify organic and inorganic fractions of soil carbon for various carbon and soil health programs. Our laboratory uses dry combustion, the gold standard method, for analyzing soil carbon.

Each carbon test we offer helps characterize carbon in a different way.

Total Carbon: combustion of total soil sample representing all forms of carbon (includes organic and inorganic fractions)
Total Organic Carbon: combustion of sample following acidification (removal of inorganic carbonate fraction). In combination with BD (bulk density) this is the preferred test for soil carbon programs.
Total Inorganic Carbon: Total Carbon – Total Organic Carbon. This is the mineral form of carbon.
C:N Ratio: characterizes carbon and nitrogen relationship in the soil.

For more information on AgSource’s carbon analyses, reach out to our team!

Soil Carbon Testing Companion Analysis

Soil Health Testing

Combining chemical, physical and biological analyses, soil health testing provides a measure of your soil’s health and vitality. By focusing on soil health, you’ll unlock a myriad of benefits from improved plant health to improved soil structure and reduced erosion.


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