Detect nutrient deficiencies before signs of stress appear

Laboratory plant tissue testing provides a snapshot of a plant’s nutrient status at the time of sample collection. AgSource can analyze a variety of plant tissue, from fruits and vegetables, to row crops to specialty plants.

Looking to fine-tune your fertilizer program throughout the growing season? We recommend using our summary plant tissue report which allows you to track and view past sample results of your crop.

Gain a deeper understanding of the relationships between fertility and plants with plant tissue testing

Track Nutrient Status

Track historical plant tissue results on a field or crop throughout the year

Fine-Tune Fertility Programs

Use tissue testing in conjunction with soil testing for a complete snapshot of nutrient status

Identify Problems

Intervene to diagnose and treat distressed plants


AgSource Laboratories follows strict and rigorous testing standards

Plant Tissue Testing Companion Analysis

Soil Testing

With over 60 years of soil testing experience, reach out to one of our soil experts for more information on our test packages and services.

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