Gain the insights needed to optimize turf health.

Soil and soil health testing provides a nutrient roadmap to make the best turf management decisions to optimize turf health and longevity.

Beyond monitoring soil conditions and gauging the effectiveness of fertilizer applications, we provide the information you need to implement an effective, data-driven action plan.

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Responsible Stewardship

know your soil nutrients to make responsible fertility decisions

Cost Savings

Don’t spend money on inputs where you don’t have to! Uncover the true nutrient status of soil with an analysis

Automated Data Processing

API transfer allows clients to view data their way

Fertilizer Recommendations

Recommendations are provided with each test

AgSource Companion Product

Turf Plant Tissue Testing

Tissue testing provides a snapshot of your turf’s nutrient status at the time of sample collection. This can be helpful if you’re wanting to understand and track the nutrient status throughout the season, or are trying to pinpoint a specific problem.


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