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AgSource offers innovative milk analysis testing and blood-based diagnostic testing to help you make rapid, informed treatment decisions.

Animal Health Solutions

Mastitis Pathogen (PCR or Culture)

Identifying the proper pathogen is key to treating mastitis. With this test, learn if staph, strep, myco or environmental pathogens – whether they’re dead or alive – are at the root of your high SCC problems.

Your True Cost: Mastitis can cost up to $444 per case

Johne’s Testing

Johne’s is a contagious and chronic disease that reduces feed efficiency, milk production and carcass quality. Signs of the disease are rarely evident until two or more years after the initial infection. Careful management of positive cows to minimize cost and reduce prevalence is possible through routine testing.
Milk- and blood-based options available


Your True Cost: Johne’s costs $35 – $72 per cow annually


This disease reduces reproductive efficiency and milk production, and if present, can bar export of animals and embryos and can result in condemned cull cow carcasses. Screen for its presence to cull or separate infected animals.


Your True Cost: Milk production can be reduced by 500 lbs. per year per case


A viral disease, bovine viral diarrhea (BVD), leads to lower reproductive performance and increased mortality. Monitor for its presence with a cost-effective milk test.


Your True Cost: Lower reproductive performance and increased mortality is estimated at $45 – 55 per cow


Accurate and cost-effective – detect pregnancy as early as 28 days post-breeding, reducing potential days open. Milk- and blood-based options available.


Your True Cost: Additional days open can cost $4 – $8 per extra day

Diagnostic Testing Companion Report​


Keep clinical and sub-clinical ketosis in check with KetoMonitor, the cost-effective way to manage and monitor prevalence in your herd.

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