Don't let ketosis rob you
of your profits.

Management of this costly disease begins with monitoring - but blood testing isn't always an option.

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In partnership with the University of Wisconsin Madison, AgSource develped KetoMonitor – a non-invasive, cost-effective tool to monitor ketosis prevalence in your herd.

Research shows that ketosis (clinical and subclinical) effects 40 to 60% of dairy cows at an average cost of $289 per case.

We make managing ketosis easier.
Our highly accurate, innovative detection tool measures ketosis prevalence using a test-day milk sample, component data and regression models that can predict the blood beta- hydroxybutyrat (BHBA) concentration, unique to age and breed.

Start managing prevalence today

Estimates herd ketosis prevalence on test day

Guides management and nutrition decisions

Alerts you when blood testing protocols should be employed

Flags changes that have had an impact on transition cow health

KetoMonitor Companion Testing

Fresh Cow Summary

For comprehensive end-to-en management of your transition
cows, consider using AgSource’ Transition Cow Index, part of our
Fresh Cow Summary package.

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