The transition period is
critical to her success.

The transition period is critical to her success. How you manage it, depends on the information available to you.

AgSource’ Fresh Cow Summary features the Transition Cow Index®, a comprehensive and objective measure of transition cow management, allowing you to benchmark the effectiveness of your transition cow program for improved long-term profitability.

    • Compares your herd’s fresh cow performance to an industry standard
    • Evaluates transition management by month of calving with one year of history
    • Measures early lactation turnover
    • Calculates the difference between expected and actual fresh cow performance
    • Identifies individual cows with transition problems and those at risk for ketosis

Monitoring changes month to month will help you reach and achieve your dairy’s transition cow goals.

TCI® was developed in partnership with the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine. Using data from over 550,000 cows, researchers developed algorithms to calculate expected 305-day milk production. This calculation uses factors such as prior lactation, age, milking frequency, breed, days dry, month of calving and more.

Fresh Cow Summary Companion Report


Keep clinical and sub-clinical ketosis in check with KetoMonitor, the cost-effective way to manage and monitor prevalence in your herd.

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