Three Ways To Discover New Success This Crop Season

“Change will forever be a constant.” As agriculturists, this is something that we’re frequently reminded of. From ever-changing regulations and increasing product prices to concerns about the agriculture supply chain and labor shortages, farmers are the true champions of dealing with adversity.

To set yourself up for success this upcoming crop season, follow these three tips from AgSource’s agronomic consulting team.

Soil test, don’t guess

When budgets are tight, soil tests can be your saving grace. Rather than applying manure or costly fertilizer to an entire field, leverage soil, manure and plant tissue tests to pinpoint exactly what you’re working with in your field. From there, identify precisely where additional nutrients are needed, as well as those that could do without the added boost. Even if you do not conduct them regularly, soil testing can help avoid expensive mistakes in the future.

Look at the data

Soil testing reveals the numbers you need to make confident decisions for your crops moving forward. Below are a few ways AgSource helps their clients analyze the data from their soil tests and implement decisions based off those numbers.

Have a plan in place

Lastly, working with a local agronomy consultant to establish a Nutrient Management Plan (NMP) is one of the best things you can do for your crop and your checkbook. A NMP states all nutrient needs, results from soil tests and nutrient applications to the soil. Having a NMP in place ensures you are following regulations while efficiently planning for the upcoming crop season – helping minimize undesired environmental effects, stretch your fertilizer budgets and, ultimately, optimize farm profits and production.

Curious how to overcome more present-day agriculture challenges? Hear additional insights and tips from AgSource nutrient management experts by watching this webinar.

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