Pinpoint infections to
keep SCC in check

When you keep SCC in check, and manage infections with the most effective treatment decisions, you have the opportunity to influence lactation yield in a big way.

Effective treatment decisions are made easier with our Udder Health Management (UHM) Report developed in partnership with the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.

Improving SCC can increase milk production in first lactation cows by 275 lbs. per linear score and 585 lbs. in second and older lactations cows.

Benchmark success against the industry average, and your 12-month rolling average

  • Fresh cow new infections
  • New infections
  • Chronic infections and failure to cure

Control SCC the smarter way

Gain perspective on your herd’s overall udder health,

and dial-in on individual cow performance

Displays distribution of herd SCC by SCC levels
Provides a distribution of DIM at the first test over 200k SCC
Lists infections by lactation and lactation stage
Depicts weighted SCC average over the past two years

To get started,
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Udder Health Package Companion Testing

Diagnostic Testing

Take a proactive approach to lowering the therapeutic use of antibiotics on your farm with easy, fast and reliable diagnostic testing. Gain the insights needed to make management changes to reduce mastitis causing organisms. Contagious, complete and myco-only testing options available.

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