How is your herd
stacking up to peers?

Each management area benchmarked is a measure you can control with management decisions – allowing you to focus on the areas that will maximize profits.

Compare your herd’s performance to that of similar AgSource herds across five key management areas: production, reproduction and genetics, inventory, udder health and fresh cow transition.
AgSource’ Herd Report Card:

    • Provides you with a percentile ranking of your herd’s performance
    • Tracks and graphs 25 different variables related to key management areas
    • Graphs five-year historical trends based on previous Herd Report Cards
    • Helps identify profit opportunities where performance is dipping

AgSource’ Herd Report Card converts a large amount of data into an easy to digest format, graphically depicting your performance compared to the 10th, 50th and 90th percentiles of similar herds. Use it to identify areas of your operation needing improvement and set management goals for success.

Herd Report Card Companion Report

Herd Summary

Track trends in key performance metrics within your herd over time, providing checks and balances for management decisions.

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