Simplify the way you evaluate your herd’s Performance

Quickly and easily evaluate your entire herd’s production, genetic and components performance with AgSource’s Herd Summary Report.

This dynamic report makes identifying trends in your herd easier which can help you identify areas of improvement or understand if your management changes are doing what they are intended to.

AgSource’s Herd Summary:

  • Compares test day records using standardized data for quick and easy analysis
  • Tracks peak milk and lactation persistency by lactation
  • Analyzes component data, reproductive performance and key genetic measures
  • Provides herd turnover and projected inventory analysis

View your herd’s performance at-a-glance

Certified by National DHIA

Herd Summary Companion Report

Herd Report Card

Each management area benchmarked is a measure you can control with management decisions – allowing you to focus on the areas that will maximize profits.​

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